The meeting

The players reach the meeting to find several eagles nest members. The council in the Eagles Nest informs the crowd that someone is trying to kill all of the active members. They believe it is the fabled Scorpions Den that is plotting against them. The heroes receive a report that the slums district of Magmaba has some children missing. The Heroes head to the slums district and discover massive holes in the ground in every victims house. The heroes journey down the holes, only to be greeted by tunnel worms. after battling through the tunnels they players find a man in a green cloak with a porcelain mask that bears no eyes. The man summons a greater tunnel worm and then vanishes. After the heroes defeat the tunnel worm they report back to the council. the council informs the heroes that it is indeed the Scorpions Den.

Up around and through the mountains
a long journey ahead

The heroes wake the next day and retrieve there mission. Their mission is to travel through girilion pass and go to the great Dwarven city that lies on the other side for a very important Eagles Nest meeting. The Heroes battle the elements and the gorilion and make it through to the great Dwarven city of Magmaba.

Proving Grounds
Will they make it?

After figuring out the riddle the players head to the location that lies between the tavern and the graveyard. The heroes find a trap door and head down to the proving grounds. after battling through deadly traps and monsters the heroes arrive at the end where they are excepted in the eagles nest and giving their crest of identification. They meet the rest of the Eagles Nest members that reside in Vival. Susan Amanda, Rex Velvet, Father West Docker, and Clint Dagora. They are then told they will have a new mission waiting for them in the morning.

The begining
Looking for some work

The heroes all arrive at Vival in search of work. The world that they adventure in is one where gold is hard to come by and jobs are even more scarce. After hearing rumor that a young lady at the pub may have a job the party rushes off to meet her. The lady at the tavern who introduces herself as Susan Amanda offers the party a bounty on the bandit king. She tells them that he lives in the woods just a few miles out of town. The adventurers head to the woods and defeat the Bandit King and his men. When returning to Susan she rewards them and offers them a position in a secrete adventuring guild that goes by the name of The Eagles Nest. She then gives the players a riddle that will take them to the place where there trail will take place for admittance into this guild. The riddle reads “In between life and death”

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